Beyond Excel II: Building In Coda to Help Your Team and Clients


About This Class

Automate and streamline your workflows with Coda, a platform to your track projects, teams, product roadmaps, and more. This is the 2nd class in the 3-part series called Beyond Excel.




  • How to create a single source of truth for all your important data
  • The core components of Coda to streamline project updates for your clients and within your team
  • How to process, summarize, and present data in a compelling way for your audience
  • Create a user-friendly database that both your internal team and external clients can view and edit


Most teams find themselves stuck copying/pasting between Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. We need a better way to manage structured and unstructured data. What if there was a browser-based tool that could give you the same functionality as these archaic tools but give you the power to create your own apps?

This class will show you how to use Coda to build fully-functional tools for your teams and clients (without needing to be a coder or developer).


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