Business & Marketing Infographics: Designing Visual Data in Illustrator


About This Class

Hello my name is Rachel and I am a freelance designer creating infographics & illustrations for content marketing companies, entrepreneurs & small businesses and I love creating infographics & bringing data to life using Adobe Illustrator.

In this course, you will learn how to create an infographic creating graphs, pictograms and icons, integrating them with text to tell a story. I will show you how to design the visuals for your infographic to look appealing using a defined colour scheme with graphs, icons & text. Some previous experience in Illustrator would be useful for this course although not essential.



Design an infographic using the information in the attached files. Follow along with the course to create the infographic demonstrated in the lessons. Alternatively use your design skills to create your own infographic  – you could adapt the layout, colours or use your own data set.


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